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“First started as an underground movement in Jamaica, travelling soundsystems have existed since the late 1940s as a means of bringing music to the people” – King Tuffie

ASM (A State of Mind) are back in the European tour circuit in spring 2014 to present an all-new soundsystem show concept. The show combines the spirit and aesthetic of traditional Jamaican soundsystem culture with the hip hop and funk elements which have defined ASM as one of the most dynamic and exciting live acts in Europe over the last 5 years.

Soundsystem is the Jamaican alternative to a live show, presenting exclusive music through Selectors and MCs in the form of dubplates or specials without the presence of a full band. The ASM soundsystem sets itself apart in that all specials are created live by revisiting ASM’s own catalogue as well as interpreting a range of classic hip hop, funk, and reggae anthems. In the spirit of the Jamaican sound clash, the ASM soundsystem has a competitive and athletic dimension, taking all comers in its striving for supremacy as champion sound.

Expect a wild party, high-energy performance, and no soundboys left alive.